Salam beautiful,

This brand was created after a time of deep darkness for me. During my phase of adversities, I turned to
different outlets to try to heal myself from my stresses. I turned to books and documentaries. I tried
therapy. I tried to allow exercise and yoga to take over me mentally… but in the end, it was only the
words of Allah that gave me comfort and allowed me to heal. As my relationship with Him grew, my
heart was proportionally healing. I was able to heal by learning the meaning behind the words of the
Quran, and I constantly referred to the verses that gave me comfort to keep me going. I then started to
create pieces that centered around these verses as a means to have them close to me wherever I went,
so that if I ever felt alone, afraid or anxious, I would reach to the necklace that I was wearing and I was
reminded of how close Allah is. This is why I created this brand. I want to share the pieces that gave me
comfort in times of great trial, to hopefully bring you out of your difficulty and to remind you of Allah’s
majesty, always.
My dream is to reintroduce the beauty of Islam through my pieces, and to have them serve as a
reminder of your strength and power as well as your relationship with Allah. These pieces are all extremely meaningful and I hope that in wearing these pieces, you are reminded of Allah’s promise for
those who are patient and continue to be strong in their deen.

xoxo D