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28:24 'My Lord! I am truly in ˹desperate˺ need of whatever provision You may have in store for me.'

28:24 'My Lord! I am truly in ˹desperate˺ need of whatever provision You may have in store for me.'

Musa AS accidentally kills a man and is falsely accused, leading him to flee and seek refuge in Madyan. Through his sincere prayer in ayah 28:24 and reliance on Allah, Musa finds blessings, including provision and a positive turn in his life. The message of the story is to trust in Allah's guidance and have faith that He has a purpose for everything, and by reciting this, expect your prayers to be answered and your provisions to be granted inshaAllah.

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18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel


This ayah in the Quran is extremely uplifting. It reminds us that Allah is fully aware and knows exactly what we’re going through. He knows our trials and tribulations better than we do. And He also knows our strength and patience as we overcome our trials, better than even you and I know—subhanAllah.
For all believers, this is a beautiful reminder that Allah and His help and His angels, are never far away. No matter how dark, difficult or desperate your situation is, He is closer to you than your jugular vein. I hope this serves as a constant reminder of His majesty and presence in our lives.
I pray that when you’re wearing this and when you feel it wrapped around your neck, at the point where it is closest to your jugular vein, that you know that He is with you and so close to you, wherever you are.


34cm chain + 6cm pendant + 8cm extension chain

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Jewelry pouch

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Musa AS accidentally kills a man while trying to
intervene in a fight. Misunderstood and accused of being a tyrant, Musa flees
the city and seeks refuge in Madyan. Musa recites this dua, hoping for
sustenance and a family. There, he encounters two women at a well and helps
them water their flock. Grateful for his assistance, one of the women suggests
that her father hire Musa. The father agrees to employ Musa and offers one of
his daughters in marriage, with the condition that Musa serves him for either
eight or ten years. Musa accepts the proposal, and through this sincere prayer
to Allah, he is provided with shelter, employment, sustenance, and a wife. The
story illustrates how Musa's faith, perseverance, and reliance on Allah's
guidance led to his blessings and a positive turn in his life.

I pray that when
wearing this necklace, you are reminded that Allah has a reason for everything
He commands and that your provision is coming soon, too. Continue to recite
this dua and watch how Allah grants you all that you are praying for.