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The Dua of Yunus (AS)

The Dua of Yunus (AS)

Yunus AS, disheartened by his elitist and idol-worshipping people, tries to leave them behind but faces trials at sea. Imprisoned by the darkness of the night, the darkness of the ocean and the darkness of the belly of the whale, he prays and recites the dua of 21:87, leading to his eventual rescue and recovery. Returning to his people, he finds them transformed into believers.

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18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel


This ayah in the Quran is extremely uplifting. It reminds us that Allah is fully aware and knows exactly what we’re going through. He knows our trials and tribulations better than we do. And He also knows our strength and patience as we overcome our trials, better than even you and I know—subhanAllah.
For all believers, this is a beautiful reminder that Allah and His help and His angels, are never far away. No matter how dark, difficult or desperate your situation is, He is closer to you than your jugular vein. I hope this serves as a constant reminder of His majesty and presence in our lives.
I pray that when you’re wearing this and when you feel it wrapped around your neck, at the point where it is closest to your jugular vein, that you know that He is with you and so close to you, wherever you are.


34cm chain + 6cm pendant + 8cm extension chain

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Jewelry pouch

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Yunus AS, disheartened by his idol-worshipping and elitist
people, sets off on a journey, believing their destruction is imminent.
However, Allah ignites faith within their hearts as Yunus departs. While aboard
a ship, the storm meant for his people engulfs him instead, leading to Yunus
being cast into the ocean.

Swallowed by a whale, he endures darkness and agony but
finds solace in his prayers. He repeats the verses “There is no god ˹worthy of
worship˺ except You. Glory be to You! I have certainly done wrong.” Eventually,
the whale releases him, and through divine intervention, Yunus recovers and
returns to his people, who have now embraced his message and become believers.

This verse highlights the concept of Tawheed (the belief in
the oneness of Allah) and the importance of seeking Allah's forgiveness and
mercy when one realizes their faults and transgressions. It serves as a
reminder for believers to turn to Allah in times of hardship and to seek His
forgiveness for their shortcomings.